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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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developments on the future of a google executive caught in the middle of the chaos. and we'll take a look at some of the super bowl ads everyone is sure to be talking about this morning. and a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge on this early monday morning. it is february 7th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you for joining us. it is straight up 5:00 on this monday morning. i'm marla tellez. brent and laura have the morning off, but meteorologist christina loren is hard at work with another warm day on top. good morning to you, marla. we have another gorgeous day on tap. yesterday we shattered numerous temperature records all across the bay area. today we are talking about the 70s, but the big news is we are
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going to gradually drop off in temperatures each and every day this week. we are looking towards rain showers for this weekend. 47 degrees in concord. 49 in oakland. 51 degrees in san mateo. turning to the upper 60s and lower 70s. 70 in los gatos. the extended forecast is coming up. a lot to talk about in the weather department this week. back to you, marla. thank you, christina. this just in coming into our newsroom right now. for the fourth time in less than a week, firefighters are battling a fire in the castro district. the fire? a home at 1370 clayton street. crews got the call just after 3:00 this morning. so far no injuries have been reported. red cross is on the scene to help out the residents. a google executive missing in egypt from about two weeks now will be released from government custody today. the man is the head of google marketing for north africa and
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the middle east. he created the facebook page first calling for the january 26th protest. that seemed to be the spark for the current uprising there. it is believed the egyptian government is holding him according to reports, but he should be released at 6:00 a.m. our time. the world continues to watch egypt this morning. president hosni mubarak remains in power. protestors are in tahrir square, but the mood is much more calm. it is a little after 3:00 in the afternoon there right now. here in the bay area many scholars are taking a look at what the upheaval in the middle east means for other parts of the world. at the peninsula jewish center in foster city today, the residents will talk about what the implications are for the other arab nations. they will also address what will happened if mubarak steps down and who could take his place. today's talk starts at noon. the protests in cairo remain peaceful this morning, but they
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have taken an anti-u.s. turn. many people are chanting down with america. the obama administration has agreed to the idea of a gradual transition led by egypt's new vice president. many of the protest sores say mubarak must step down now and nothing else is acceptable. despite the protests, life is slowly getting back to normal in cairo. banks, post offices and gas stations are open for business this morning. cairo's infamous traffic jams are also back as people struggle to regain a sense of normalcy. cairo's downtown slowed to a standstill after street battles broke out. here's a look at three suspects wanted in a string of attempted kidnappings. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live now in milpitas with this story. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. you know, these attempted kidnappings have all taken place
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within a mile of this school here in milpitas. the most recent being a 7-year-old student on her way to school last week. this is the sketch that police have come up with based on her description of her assailant. the suspect is hispanic, 20 to 30 years old. he happened upon her as she walked to school at 8:30 wednesday morning. he said something in spanish to her and started following her. she got on the phone with her mom when he began to chase her to try to grab her, but she was able to escape to campus to notify the school's resource officer. now a coupleeeks ago this map right here in this sketch, a different man, tried to abduct a 13 and 17-year-old girl all within an hour of each other. this taking place about a mile away from the school campus. apparently he exposed himself to both girls and tried to get them into his car. the girls describe him as a 30 to 35-year-old asian man. it is not clear if we are talking about the same man or if
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there are two men. the descriptions are somewhat similar. this taking place within a short amount of time makes it seem like it is one man. one of them said he was driving a red chevy blazer with paint peeling off of it. bob redell for "today in the bay." thank you, bob. this morning family and friends of an east bay man are mourning his death. he collapsed at the finish line and died at the hard marathon in san francisco. here's video of peter hass interviewed back this february of 2009 talking about his company called pet 4 usa. the 36-year-old from orlando ran the keizer permanente race very fast yesterday. the response to the emergency was slow at best. five race volunteers began giving him cpr long before
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medical personnel or an ambulance showed up. a viewer who also ran the race said an ambulance finally arrived almost a half hour after he collapsed. one person said the ambulance was unable to find the race finish line. pg&e pressure tested one of the east bay natural gas pipelines before telling state regulators it was a high risk line. the pipeline was 80 years old and they knew some sections were manufactured by a supplier whose pipe welds didn't stand up well over time. this development could be significant. federal investigators are examining whether a combination of faulty welds caused the san bruno explosion. the september blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the preliminary hearing is expected to start today for the man who tracked down and
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attackeds his childhood priest for abusing him as a child roughly 30 years ago. wells lynch is accused of attacking a man at a retirement home in may. prosecutors cannot charge the priest for sexual abuse because lynch reported it after the statute of limitations ran out. most victims groups want california to eliminate the time limits altogether as 24 other states have already done. well, some east bay nonprofit groups might be forced out of their building. the newark school district is looking at selling a former school site to raise money to cut into the budget gap. the land houses both a development, child development and volunteer center. last week the newark school board gave the green light for the district to look for offers. school officials say they have trimmed almost $5 million off the budget since last year.
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there could be a delay in deciding which schools may close in the sprawling mount diablo unified school district. the school board and closure committee have been working on a plan to close several schools to save the district $1.5 million a year. but when the board meets tomorrow they may discuss new school closure options. the board wanted to make a final decision tomorrow. if they consider any new closure options, the earliest vote could come february 22nd. 5:08 now. it is hard to believe it is february because it is gorgeous out. christina loren is joining us with a look. no complaints from this area. we actually are going to see another beautiful day today. not as nice and warm as it was yesterday. and we will see quite a bit more cloud cover, especially for the middle half of the day as we see a short trough coming through to change our flow from an offshore flow to onshore flow. that means tomorrow when you wake up at the coast you will encounter the patchy, dense fog.
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this morning no fog out there at this time. we could see some develop getting closer to sunrise. about 7:15 a.m. we'll keep you updated. this is a big difference from today. you can still see where the big ridge of high pressure is set up. all this area of clearing here. a little short wave will try to get through. it will really break apart. all the showers are coming down in northern california. we are not going to see any of that as the short ridge encounters the high pressure, but it will bring clouds to the area. as you wake up looking to the north you can see the front coming through. here's what to expect heading throughout the day today. 52 in hayward. turning over to 70 degrees. it looks like we'll see a really nice day today with temperatures dropping off heading to the next couple of days. your extended forecast shows you we have showers back in the mix as well as you head towards the end of saturday into sunday. looks like we are going to see a bit of a dreary overcast weekend with light scattered showers coming down, especially in the north bay. here's what to expect in terms of temperatures heading throughout the next couple of days. 70 today.
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we'll drop it another ten for tomorrow, 61 degrees. then hover near the 61-degree mark for wednesday. staying nice thursday and friday. high pressure is going to bring the temperatures up a bit. then welcomed showers as we have had quite a bit of time without rain. we'll find out if there's a welcomed drive with mike inouye. it is pretty nice out there. we'll look at the clear view out there. no problems as far as fog or wind right now. we have an 18-minute drive down to the maze where we had earlier debris. that has cleared at the 580 interchange. coming off the cartinas bridge we have a smooth drive. you can see across the bridge it is moving okay. no wind advisories that the fog is creeping through. we'll watch it for you to let you know. the construction cleared in the traffic control across the mdf bridge. you may see a lot of cars heading over from the north bay down across highway 160 to highway 4. that will start slowing in 20 minutes. mark my words, 20 to 25 minutes.
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thank you, mike. it is 5:10 now. a look at a fan favorite super bowl commercial is coming up. and then a super bowl super flub. even though they had a ticket, some people did not get in to see the game. a look at what happened coming up. but before we leave you, february is black history month. this month the commonwealth club in lafayette will look at one of the most momentous moves forward in civil rights in decades. the election of the first african-american president. a panel that includes congresswoman barbara lee will discuss the steps forward tonight. the discussion, the obama effect, where does the african-american community stand now? that starts at 6:30 tonight. for more information call the commonwealth club. [ male announcer ] myron needed an mba to turn his technology into a business.
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the castro district in san francisco this morning. this is the fourth time in less than a week firefighters are battling a fire in the castro area. the fire is in a home at 1370 clayton street. crews got the call just after 3:00 this morning. so far no injuries are being reported despite the flames here. the red cross is on scene to help out. a train derailment causes roman candle-light explosions over northwest ohio. a collision involving chemical transport cars filled with more than 30,000 gallons of ethanol sparked a mini firestorm that lasted more than 14 hours. the fire was so fierce that several homes had to be evacuated. the epa has been monitoring the air quality and surprisingly no one was hurt by this encounter. people in san mateo should be cautious when picking up the phone today. telephone scammers have conned a handful of elderly residents
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into wiring money abroad. suspects have pretended to be grandchildren in need of money. a public offender and even a lottery official. that victim completed eight wire transfers and no money was every delivered. officials are warning residents to hang up immediately on suspicious callers and to report the incident to san may a owe officials. a is a a mento jury member caught facebooking could go to trial for that. he posted evidence involving suspecting gang members at a gas station assault. ramirez has ten days to give facebook permission to disclose his posting activity for judicial review or face possible jail time. ramirez calls this an invasion of privacy and plans to appeal. the green bay packers are bringing the vince lombardi trophy back to title town. the packers set the early lead
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over the pittsburgh steelers and never looked back. the steelers tried to come back but fell short when quarterback ben roethlisberger threw an incomplete pass on fourth down in the final minute of the game. this is green bay's fourth super bowl victory in franchise history. while the weather outside the stadium was chilly, the nfl is feeling the heat from some fans. more than 1,200 ticketholders were locked out after the nfl removed their assigned seats. some shelled out thousands to watch the game. in the end, 850 fans got equal or better seats. now the rest were allowed to watch in an outdoor plaza and were given refunds. fans say they were disappointed and the refund was not enough to cover travel expenses. >> a once in a lifetime experience. i am going to miss out of this. >> three times the face value aren't going to pay for the trip
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down here. >> things didn't run so smoothly inside. singer christina aguilera admitted a line of "the national anthem" and omitted another one. talk around the water cooler is going to focus on the commercials. in case you missed one of the most popular ones, here it is. ♪ >> pepsi max. zero calories. >> the maximum taste. hey. up knee! honey! >> sorry! >> the poor innocent little girl. 5:18. time to check on your forecast with christina. good morning to you. yeah, you are not going to get
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hit in the face with cold air when you walk out the front door this morning. it is pretty cool out there, almost mild. but we do have some big-time changes on the way. if you enjoyed the beautiful day we saw yesterday, it is going to be similar, not quite as warm today. and we have more clouds on the way today. a short wave trough is pushing to the area making for some partly cloudy conditions heading through the second half of your day today. it will take a while before it gets here. 56 in san francisco. san francisco yesterday hit 72 degrees breaking temperature records. we saw widespread records all across the bay area. today we might see a couple of records in places that end up the warmest. santa rosa, possibly gilroy. overall, i think it will be a much cooler day with onshore flow shaping back up. 70 degrees is the forecasted high in los gatos. we are looking to 67 in fremont. and 70 in san jose today. a lot of sunshine for the first half of the day. you saw that little front bringing partly cloudy skies. probably until 11:00 a.m.
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on your way to work, look to the north to see the front on its way. heading throughout the next few days, not a whole lot of change, except for cooler conditions. back to seasonal averages by tuesday. 61 degrees. 60 for your wednesday with a little bit of patchy fog. the onshore flow continues. look at the end of the week. showers are back in the forecast. the timing looks somewhat late saturday into sunday. light showers if anything mostly affecting the north bay. we'll follow that for you. back to you. we have been so spoiled. thank you, christina. 5:20 now. mike is looking at the roads for you. plus, the robber getting praise for his politeness. and a bay area city says the bounce houses at kidstay ar p can't stay around. we'll tell you about the bounce house ban coming up on "today in the bay."
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good morning, folks. 5:23. we'll get you out to the roadways. we have a car into a building at 57. the car went into a hydrant, so there could be water on the roadway. no reports of injuries, but i'll keep a look at this.
5:24 am
the warriors game tonight at 7:30 could cause slowing tonight near 66 and 98. the phoenix suns are coming to town. we'll take you out to the hayward area where we had construction all weekend. that cleared from the 880/92 interchange. this is across the san mateo bridge. a live look at the bay bridge with a light flow of traffic. it is monday. we'll see the slowdown start right about 6:00 or 6:30. the volume will increase with metering lights coming on in an hour from now. it is a smooth drive with no major issues here. getting more significant from time to time, but there could be fog to low clouds hovering around. so far it is clear down mom from the north bay. back to you. security cameras catch one of the most polite armed robberies you'll ever see. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. and i really am sorry. if i ever get back on my feet again, sir, i'll bring it back. >> this robbery happened in west
5:25 am
seattle saturday morning. the man started by buying a cup of coffee but then flashed a gun and demanded the owner empty the cash drawer. he apologized and said he had rent to pay and children to feed. the owner then offered to help the man by giving him a little cash and gave him advice. >> i told him where to find help. doing this will put you in prison, and you won't be able to help your family. >> now police think they will catch the man soon since the video gives them such a good look at his face. he got away with $300. 5:25 right now. the berkeley hikers in an iranian courtroom fighting for their tree doom. the latest on their trial coming up. an effort to shut a bay club area club moves forward today.
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yeah, dirt? do you think the two of us will ever find the one? well, we've been left behind by so many mops and brooms... aw, man! ...but we have got... see ya! ...each other. ♪ what about love?! [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. the 2 in 1 swiffer sweeper uses electrostatic dry cloths to trap and lock more dirt than a broom and uses dirt dissolving wet cloths to clean better than a mop. you're quite the pickup artist! [ male announcer ] 2 in 1 swiffer sweeper gives cleaning a whole new meaning. new this morning, we have the latest on why a bay area city is turning into a party popper. and a tragic end to a half marathon in san francisco. a runner collapses and dies. there are questions this morning about the emergency response. i'll christie smith with that story coming up.
5:29 am
plus, a side effect of the federal health care overhaul. we investigate why taking advantage of one part of the legislation could cost you more in the long run. good morning. thank you for joining us. it is 5:30 on this monday morning, february 7th. i'm marla tellez. >> meteorologist christina loren is here with a look at another warm day on tap. indeed, february 7th doesn't sound right as it feels like an august day, but you'll notice throughout the week we'll have a much schooler week ahead than last week. and we have showers back in the mix as well. 52 degrees in hayward right now. 47 in concord. 49 degrees in oakland. san francisco is at 56 degrees. san francisco yesterday hit 72
5:30 am
degrees at the airport. places in the city recorded 77 and 79 degrees in san francisco. so really, really warm in this time of the year. 70 in san jose. 67 in livermore. make sure you dress in layers. we'll let you know when the showers are in the forecast coming up. thank you very much. a runner collapses at a finish line and emergency crews are nowhere to be found. the husband and father here on the scene, and officials at the keizer permanente race say the response time took longer than expected. christie smith has more. >> reporter: race officials say there was confusion and bystanders, runners and a couple race volunteers tried cpr to
5:31 am
revive him. we have video of the man, peter hass, being interviewed in 2009 talking about his company, pet sport usa. he was one of 10,000 runners in the keizer permanente half marathon on sunday. the course lined 13.1 miles through golden gate park. witnesses describe a very slow and confused response by race officials. now, according to published reports, when he collapsed someone pointed it out to the race announcer who then called on the loud speaker for medical attention. but it didn't come right away like you might expect. and a viewer who ran the race tells nbc bay area news that from the time he collapsed to when the ambulance finally arrived was apparently nearly a half hour with one person saying that the ambulance was unable to find the race finish line. "the chronicle" is reporting a fire dispatcher is quoted as saying they were given three
5:32 am
locations for the incident. the cause of death is still unknown. and an autopsy is planned for some time this week. reporting live on treasure island, christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you very much. >> a woman who was allegedly assaulted and kidnapped in oakland has turned up in a hospital. oakland police are still looking for two men who allegedly kidnapped her. eyewitnesss say they saw a man chasing the woman through an apartment complex. it happened on eileen street near san pablo avenue around 8:00. the car is described as a 1999 black chrysler with four doors. the license plate number is 6jsg056. the judge presiding over the case is the same judge that
5:33 am
oversaw the case of protestors in the disputed 1999 elections. he is known for handing down harsh sentences. over the weekend the three pleaded not guilty to espionage charges. two of the hikers, shane bauer and josh fattal, were present in court in aaron iran. the third hiker sarah shourd was released on half a million bail. she entered her plea remotely. the trial will continue for at least one more session. meanwhile, a live look at egyptian's tahrir square. things are very calm. this is 3:30 egypt time. people do not plan to leave the square until the president there, hosni mubarak, steps down. they are not happy with this current plan of a slow change of power. coming up, we'll have a live report from washington on the latest in cairo.
5:34 am
the trial begins today for what police call san jose's most dangerous nightclub. and it could crash the party permanently. san jose officials are trying to shut down club west on south first street. the city accuses club staffers of covering up violence on the dance floor. a new year's eve club security member refused to call an ambulance for a woman bleeding after a fight. in another case police found club staff cleaning up blood after a fight where someone was allegedly stabbed. the trial will be held at the santa clara county courthouse. bounce houses could be bounced out of walnut creek. the reason is budget cults upsetting local parents. the city is proposing to do away with the popular children's inflatables at the park. city leaders say they wreak havoc on the lawns and tie up staff processing labor-intensive permits. parents say the kids are the ones who will suffer. >> obviously, it is going to be
5:35 am
hard because, you know, as a parent you are limited to, you know, activities for kids for birthday parties. and if you are not allowed to do it then it is going to be, you know, it is just going to be too bad for the kids. >> the park recreation and open space commission is set to decide tonight on the fate of jump houses. nearby danville, pleasanton and clayton have already done away with them. oakland could soon be without its popular aquatic center. the nonprofit group managing it is turning it over to the city to operate it because of a lack of money. the jack london aquatic center is the go-to facility for people to experience saline, canoeing or kayaking on the oakland estuary. if it shuts down people will have no place to store their boat. if funding cannot be found, it could close by the end of the
5:36 am
month. facebook may be ready for a new home. the palo alto social networking giant has reported or invited reporters to an event tomorrow morning in city hall in menlow park. we are told they could be moving to the microsystem's campus there. facebook has grown to more than 2,000 employees from about half that in august of 2009. people heard gunshots in san francisco's russian hill neighborhood, but don't be alarmed. the new tv series "alcatraz" is filming there this afternoon. a few streets will be closed beginning at noon. it will involve some gunfire. the mystery tv series "alcatraz" airs in the fall. >> i wonder if it is a historical show back when the prison was open or -- >> i thought it was already on
5:37 am
the air, but what do i know? >> this early we don't watch that much television. i guess we all need to get updated on our prison knowledge. good morning to you. we are looking good today. another beautiful day for shooting any sort of move vie. santa rosa hit 83 degrees. the warmest city in all the bay area. oakland broke a record. the warmest temperature ever recorded for the entire month of february, 81 degrees in oakland. 77 in san jose. these temperatures are warmer than our averages in august, september, which are the warmest months in the bay area. today not quite more of the same, but we are going to go warmer than normal. we'll see more cloud cover as well with a short-wave trough pressing into the area. it will making for cloudily conditions at times today. we'll be nice and mild with high pressure not going anywhere heading throughout the next few days. it will stay put. the sky will nudge it a bit to the east today, but it will
5:38 am
reafternoonfully heading into tomorrow. here's what to expect in terms of temperatures. it is a little chilly out there. 49 degrees in oakland. turning over to 62 degrees when you take your lunch break. we'll round out the day at 70 degrees in oakland. your extended forecast is on the way. we'll get a check on it this morning as you are on your way to work. here's what to expect this morning. surprise, here i am. we'll go to the roadways on westbound 580 where we have an issue. a report of a ladder in one of the westbound lanes. we see a good amount of slowing out of the altamonte pass heading over to north flint road. this could be an issue as they watch the moving track there. a 14-minute drive. that will creep up a bit. we are seeing it creep up a bit. 30 miles per hour now coming past elle street to love ridge.
5:39 am
that's a typical slowing for highway 4 as the commute begins. no major issues approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. the volume will increase over the next hour. the metering lights will turn on in 45 minutes from now. back to you. we can always trust you, mike. >> 5:38. coming up, even if you didn't care for the super bowl, you should be happy for the green bay packers. and the result of a new study linking adhd to the food kids eat. see the results before you pack that lunch. and i'm bob redell. i'll tell you how silicon valley can end up with an extra $6 billion into its local economy. that story is coming up. ♪
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5:41 right now. we just got off the phone with a fire official in san francisco. a fire broke out on clayton street in castro just after 3:00 this morning. this is the fourth fire in the area in less than a week. the other three are also considered suspicious. we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates throughout the newscast. now to the latest on the unrest in egypt. overnight the egyptian government pledged to investigate official corruption and election fraud. but demonstrators refused to go home until their president steps down. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., with the latest. it is mid-afternoon in cairo right now, and the protests seem to be much calmer. >> reporter: yes, much calmer than what we saw on friday or in previous days. and in the last couple of weeks,
5:43 am
it has been almost two weeks now, the concessions investigating corruption are just one of the things the egyptian government has agreed to do now that they are sitting down with some of the opposition groups. they have also agreed not to interfere with the internet again to let the media cover this story as it unfolds in cairo. not to interfere with the protestors. they said they will lift emergency law once they get the emergency situation under control. and they want to open presidential elections so more people can run. the one thing they have not agreed to is whether mubarak will step down immediately. that's what the protestors say is the one non-negotiable demand. for now vice president omar suleiman is leading the opposition groups but is operating under mubarak's government. there's only so much he can do. now, what is the u.s. take on this? secretary of state hillary clinton says perhaps it is not a good idea to force him out
5:44 am
immediately because there's really no one set up at this point to take his place. no transitional government. the u.s. is pushing for an orderly transition. president obama in an interview over the weekend said it is now underway. marla? >> thank you very much, tracie. 5:44. new this morning, iran claims to have built four new satellites. many in the west and middle east fear iran's space program is really just cover for a ballistic missile program that could allow europe and israel to be targeted with atomic weapons. wikileaks founder julian assange is in a london court to fight his extradition to sweden. swedish prosecutors want to question him about allegations of sexual misconduct to women while he was in stockholm. defense lawyers say they will argue the extradition because there have been no criminal charges made. they say if he's extradited it
5:45 am
will make it easier for u.s. authorities to demand his arrest for leasing thousands of classified diplomatic documents. two wildfires blazing across australia since saturday have claimed 4,000 acres of land and 59 homes. one of the fires was started when a power tool sparked. that ignited dry grass. other fires started when the tree branch was blown down by strong winds that hit an electrical line. hundreds of residents have been evacuated as the fires came to neighborhoods. several people were treated for smoke inhalation. and one firefighter was injured while fighting the flames. it is 5:45. good morning. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. brent and laura have the day off. we'll get you traffic and weather in less than a minute. but first, check this out. cold weather can be just what your relationship needs. >> winter weather is more likely to make people sing the blues or get frisky? >> given the choice, most people will choose snuggling up to a
5:46 am
warm body rather than pulling on a snuggie. >> that would be the thing with the sleeves. >> right. the very unattractive thing. but that snuggling didn't mean much. 15% of people say they had more sex than usual when couped up by weather. 15% said they had less. about two-thirds said it was no different. >> so there. >> it is all you, christina. take it. i like to snuggle up to my pug in a snuggie. he has his own and i don't have my own. scott mcgrew, don't think i didn't see the assortment in your wardrobe. we are looking really good today. you probably won't need the snuggie for long. mild conditions again this afternoon as high pressure keeps things really mild for us. a little bit of a change today. we have more of the onshore flow shaping up at least for today. you will notice quite a few more clouds coming through the area through the midsection of the day. as you head off to work driving
5:47 am
up to the north, you can see the front coming in. 49 degrees in oakland. 56 in san francisco. 51 degrees in san mateo. we broke multiple temperature records. 22 total over the entire weekend. it was definitely an unprecedented weekend for february in terms of where high temperatures ended up. 62 degrees at noon in oakland. we'll round out the day in the upper 60s to low 70s. enjoy it. a drop off starts tomorrow. we'll find out if you are dropping your kids off to school and what you are facing on the roadways. you don't want to say drop off looking at the roadways. we have a nice, easy drive approaching the bay bridge. the toll plaza is clear. there's the view there of the lights gathering at the stole plaza, but no slowing. they will turn the metering lights on in probably 35 minutes from now. a smooth drive down past the coliseum or heading north from the coliseum. the headlights here show the number of cars out there.
5:48 am
volume is increasing. 15 minutes down to the san mateo bridge from san leandro. back to you. thank you, mike. the silicone valley could be host to the world boosting the bay area economy and creating thousands of jobs. bob redell is live in san jose with more. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. the bay area council is a group that represents local businesses. it is trying to bring the world expo here to silicon valley in 2020 with moffett field hosting the activities surrounding what would be a six-month event. one major hurdle is money, the funding. the council has to make it cost $1 billion to host the world fair including improvements to the infrastructure necessary on the peninsula. however, in return the council repredicts that the bay area
5:49 am
would rap reap series rewards with several visitors and $6 billion in economic impact. a half billion in tax revenue. and 42,000 new jobs. the council was inspired to put the bid together after they happened upon the world expo of 2010 last year in shanghai. they were impressed with what china did with that and figure they can do the same here. the final bid isn't due until the end of next year. and then the selection would be made at the start of 2013. reporting live in milpitas, bob redell, "today in the bay." mixed news on the jobs and the economy fronts. there are not as many layoffs now, but people are looking for work longer. of the nearly 14 million americans unemployed last month about 2 million of them had been without work for almost two years. the recession's deepest cuts seem to have ended. in january companies announced plans to trim fewer than 39,000
5:50 am
jobs. that is 46% fewer than a year earlier. aol is purchasing "the huffington post" for $315 million. the buyout will bring an additional 25 million visitors to aol. once the deal is approved it will put "the huffington post" founder arianna huffington in charge of all aol content. aol's chief tim armstrong says 2011 is the comeback year for aol as it boosts sluggish advertising sales. bank of america will pay $410 million to settle lawsuits after it was accused of charging its customers with excessive overdraft fees. the nation's largest bank is one of more than two dozen lenders named in class-action lawsuit lit gragss litigations. they say b of a filed them from
5:51 am
largest to smallest instead of chronological order. this caused overdraft fees to jump. the federal health care law could be taking a bite out of workers paychecks. the california law says employers paid to provide health care coverage to their workers non-dependent children. the current health care law allows parents to enroll children up to age 26 into their health plan. some sacramento lawmakers are looking to invent a way to be exempt from the tax. this could bring in $92 million if the measure passes. children dealing with adhd could reduce their symptoms by eating right. when young kids avoid processed foods their adhd symptoms diminish. the study found 100 children with adhd between the ages of 4 and 8 were followed for five weeks, and half of them ate foods containing no processed
5:52 am
foods. the others followed diets including processed foods. 78% of the children who ate no processed foods showed reduced symptoms. it is important to note the study pertains to young children with adhd, not children who have had the add without the hyperactive component. 5:52 now. the packers won the super bowl, but did you know it is a big win for the bay area? >> aaron rodgers was the guy leading green bay on the field. he gave some people in northern california plenty to cheer about. >> yea, baby! >> listen to that. rodgers former coaches and friends were watching the game. his high school coach, some junior college coaches all celebrate the first super bowl mvp since bart star. he threw 304 yards and three touchdowns. >> he was not the only guy
5:53 am
involved in the game for the packers. >> there's the south bay native and green bay wide receiver who played quarterback for the grizzlies in several other sports. jones was voted the school's most athletic his senior year. after gunderson he played for san jose state. he was the new mexico bowl mvp and drafted by the packers. >> a lot of people are talking about what happened just before the game. >> that's when singer christina aguilera botched the lyrics to "the star spangled banner." ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ were so proudly we watched as
5:54 am
the twilight's last gaming ♪ >> you can see the flick of an eye behind that one guy where somebody goes, is that right? you are supposed to hear ♪ ore the rampants we watch were so gal antly stream iing ♪ >> her lyrics matched those posted on wikipedia. i find it hard to imagine her consulting with them. i think she just got lost. better than we could have done. >> that's true. >> i say give her a break. she rarely messes up. and in her defense, i only say this, britney spears. 73 degrees in oakland. 79 in redwood city. and 70 degrees in los gatos today. a beautiful day, although we saw
5:55 am
the 80s. it is not as warm. lots of sunshine for the first half of the day. and temperatures dropping off like a rock as we head into tomorrow. 61 degrees. we are down to 60 by wednesday. showers back in the mix saturday into sunday. so a mixed bag of tricks in the weather department this week. we'll go into detail as to how much rain we are expecting and when coming up. now back to you guys. for many today the ads will be the big topic at work, not the super bowl. >> yeah, there were a lot people have been talking about this morning, including this one we showed you last week. it is the little guy -- >> love it! >> he's going to be on the "today" show this morning unmasked. little darth was by far the favorite. so too was this one from doritos. >> hey, check this out! pretty cool. >> do you want a dorito? are you hungry? >> hey, don't hurt my dog.
5:56 am
>> give me the chip! give it back! >> yea! >> it is 5:56. lots more to come on "today in the bay" at 6:00. we'll tell you about a security breach at sfo coming up. plus, the woman trapped in her cairo apartment for days is back in the u.s. you can see her telling more of r sty coming up. [ male announcer ] it's 2011 and everything is different.
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different jobs... ♪ ...different challenges. ♪ different opportunities. ♪ so why would universities stay the same? ♪ university of phoenix, because an educated world is a better world. ur in
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tn ssalen thaee w i onkneay bre aa ne ighborhood. we'll have the very latest on this fire in the castro. and now faces to go with the
5:59 am
crime. i'm bob redell in milpitas where police released sketches of the men accused of trying to abduct young girls. and after shattering multiple temperature records yesterday i'll let you know what to expect today in the bay. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it is february 7th. "today in the bay." i'm joined by -- well, let's get right to it then. go ahead. >> here i am. i'm marla tellez. both brent and laura have the morning off. >> yes. arson investigators are on the scene this morning of a blaze near the castro district in san francisco. nobody hurt. the fourth fire in that neighborhood in a week. the fire chief calling on neighbors to be alert. the fire chief also telling our crew that if you see anything suspicious, give the fire department a call.


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